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Password recovered

I had also lost the password of this blog but I have now recovered it. I would strongly recommend the use of to maintain safely and generate safe passwords. I am in the process of maintaining all the data. It is taking longer that I expected but once done I should no longer have any issues.

Hong Kong

More to come


Great atmosphere in Hong Kong


Bought my first iPad there by the way. The original iPad which was available in every corner shop in advance of its official release date. But that is China for you.


But there a few times as well.




Rebuilding this Blog

As previously announced, I need to close down my Blogs currently hosted on Posterous as they are closing down themselves. So I am undertaking the major task of rebuilding / copying and revamping all my Blogs. I have made a start on this one.

It is going to take a while so check it once in a while.

China – Shanghai

What hits you first, is how big Shanghai is and how fast it is growing. In the 2 odd years I was there, I saw old quarters being torn apart without any respect for the inhabitants. New towers come up at an amazing pace. The 2 photos below show the changes in just 20 years in the Pudong area of Shanghai.




Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 4.37.44 PM

The second thing which hits you is that there is still much contrast between the old and the new.



The photo below illustrates my point regarding old quarters being wiped out. This is the view from one of my friend and neighbor in the residence. I bet you that 2 years later (now in fact) all the small houses are gone. They had in fact started building a shopping mall as we were leaving.


And of course it is noisy, vibrant with life 24/7, polluted to the extreme. But I LOVED it.

Shanghai – Top of City

Right in the middle of town the Top of City residence stood proud.


In the concrete jungle, they managed to bring landscaped gardens and a small lake where you could relax and forget the constant buzz of cars and people in general.





I really enjoyed living there. A few of my new friends were as well.

Shanghai – DaGuLu

This the road I lived in. DaGu Road or DaGuLu as said in Chinese. It borders the Top of City residence which can be seen on the pictures below. I lived in that residence although I changed apartments half way through.



The road was very famous for its video shops, massage parlors and I guess the variety of ever changing restaurants.



Needless to say that all brand new in the cinemas were immediately available and most of them were of excellent quality. It could only be done by copying master tapes. And all this for a mere EUR 1.00 per DVD with a discount if you were well known.

So we use to buy DVDs by the dozen for the lazy Sunday afternoons.

I must admit I felt very comfortable there and always bumped into someone I knew.

It also had its characters like the lady selling in the evening her fake cigarettes to passers by and always on the look out for the police. She was one of the most friendly person ever. I could not speak Chinese and she could not speak  English, but we sure did communicate. She was informing me with gestures as to was in Nova or had been and I kept her informed of my movements. Great stuff.

There was also this lady and her bike every Saturday. Not sure what she was transporting though. Rather her than me.


Of course the main reason it was famous was because of Nova our main meeting place. Since it is probably where I spent most of  my leisure time (and money) it is worth a page on its own.


Just about packed for #India #New Dehli

A few shirts and plenty of cables as usual. When will we have the luxury of one charger for all.

China – Sanya

Thailand – Phuket

more to follow